Using cooked weight to track nutrition

Hi--I've been looking other forum posts about tracking raw vs. cooked weight but couldn't find an answer to this:

The weight of foods after steaming/boiling can differ based on how much water I use and how much I drain the foods after cooking, so I'm aware that I should weigh foods raw. But because cooking a food changes the nutrition, I'd like to enter cooked foods in my diary so I can track the micronutrients that I'm actually eating.

100g of raw brown rice is 367 kcal, while 300g of steamed brown rice is 369 kcal (essentially a 1:3 ratio). This suggests that if I steam and eat 100g worth of raw brown rice, I should enter 300g of steamed brown rice in my diary (even if the weight of my steamed brown rice turns out to be 350g, say, because maybe I just used more water or something).

But is there a more precise way to do this? I'm aware that cooking foods changes the caloric content. In summary: is there a particular nutrient that does not tend to change with cooking that I can use to determine the right raw/cooked weight ratio?

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