Confused what to do


first excuse my english, I am a non native speaker.

I come from Fitbit after being baffled that the app gave me a daily kcal goal of 1200kcal and this always made me feel sluggish, tired and straight up not losing weight anymore.

I log my movement with fitbit and when I started with mfp, my steps where around 3000-8000.
Since then we have a dog though and I pushed myself to take a small walk through the company every hour. Now I avergae at 14 000 to 18 000 steps.

I stopped loosing weight, sometimes I even gain. I am always hungry after eating and thus my sncking has come back. I never had trouble with that before.

I know have read up on Tdee and BMR and aparently the mfp goal of a daily 1200 was too low. Some sources say that can start a plateau (some say it doesnt matter).

Several BMR calcs later, I estimate I should be at around 1410 to 1433 (some over 1500) kcal BMR.

Someone told me that if my Excercise burns calories they should not lower me below my BMR and I dont understand what he means.

If I have a bmr of 1433 kcal and eat that much I should be ok. Or do I have to eat what I excercise?

Is walking a dog even considered excercise?

**Yesterdays log:
2499 kcal burned (bmr included)
17 276 steps

1440,3 kcal eaten from 1899,8 (76%)

Does that 76% mean I didn't eat enough?

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