Recipe feature is incredibly FRUSTRATING

Guys, this app blows MFP out of the water, I love it and recommend to all my friends.... BUT, please fix the recipe feature, it is agonizing to use. I make almost all my food from scratch, so the database is great, but I spend much more time building recipes.

There is no "are you sure you want to leave this page" feature in the create a recipe feature. Nearly every time I create a recipe I end up doing it twice because if I get a notification on my phone, accidentally push the 'import recipe' button instead of 'add ingredient', or even rotate the phone orientation I lose all my progress.

Please please please, do 1 of 2 things, or both: 1) Save recipes as drafts similar to email, so that if I accidentally navigate away from the page, I come back and it still exists, 2) Add a "are you sure you want to quit this recipe" question if you try to navigate away.

I'm telling you, I love this app, but I nearly just launched my tablet across the room after the third failed attempt at inputting an incredibly long recipe!


A great bonus feature would be photo on the recipe notes page, it would be way easier than me typing an entire recipe out to simply snap a picture on the notes page.

I know I am not the only one who uses this amazing app as my family cookbook, and will do so for years to come, lets work the bugs out of this area of the app please.

(issues on both android tablet and android phone apps, if you need that info)

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