Populate new custom food with photo of Nutrition Facts

I emailed this as a suggestion and feel like it kind of got brushed off as a generic "thanks for your feedback!"

The feature to create a new custom food and populate values with OCR from a photo of the Nutrition Facts label already exists.

However, this function seems to only be enabled when scanning a UPC that doesn't exist.

Many custom meal services (Trifecta, Ice Age, Territory, etc) have a Nutrition Facts label but no UPC. So users are stuck entering numbers by hand.

This is really annoying. All of the necessary functionality already exists in the app -- it seems like a minor change to be able to enable this feature when adding a new custom food, as opposed to scanning an unrecognized UPC.


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    I frequently added a new food by taking a photo of the nutrition label and answering a few questions. When you scan the food and it isn't found, you are given the option to add the food. choose yes.

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    As noted, these foods do not have a UPC code, so there is nothing to scan.

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    I can't believe this feature doesn't exist. so frustrating!!!

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