Log recipes in oz

When creating a recipe and entering the total weight, I can log an amount eaten in grams, but not oz. Similarly, the recipe should allow me to log the recipe weight in grams or oz.

This is a common problem for many, many foods, especially those in the USDA database.

This should be a common fix -- any food entry that has a serving size in grams, but not in oz, (and probably vice versa) should let the user log in imperial or metric.

If I create a recipe and list it as making X servings, I can log in grams but not oz. It seems currently the only way to log a recipe in oz is to create a recipe and specify a serving by weight (again, grams only) and then add a second serving type of 'oz' that is 32 g.

Why are you making the user do the math?


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    See also here; no updates in over a year.

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    I've got in the habit of just converting ounces or pounds to grams before I enter anything in. But, I agree with the commenters above. It would be really nice to be able to use ounces when an imported recipe uses ounces. But, I'm changing the ingredient to something else.

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