automatically add items to diary

Every day I drink 4 cups of coffee and take my supplements. Is there a way to have those appear automatically?


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    Hi @SRM ,
    While these cannot be entered automatically into your diary, You can make it easier to add them all at once by adding everything to one "Recipe", naming it "Daily supplements" or something similar. Once you have created a recipe you can then mark it as a favorite for easy access and add only one item to your diary every day instead of many entries. You can easily do this by going to a day in which you have entered all of the items. Multiselect the items you wish to add from the diary, then right click, and select "Create recipe from selected items".

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    I also set up my days ahead by copying my base supplements and foods into the future. And with a gold membership the background colour difference on the side calendar makes it easy to keep track. :)

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