Cannot save new Custom Biometric


I am trying to use a Custom Biometric, but unfortunately, when I click "Add To Diary" an error occurs in my browser console, and the Custom Biometric is not saved. I have been able to add Custom Biometrics in the past (a few months ago) so I think this is a new issue. I have tried various inputs and nothing seems to work.

The error that appears in my console:

cronometer-0.js:2261 Uncaught Error: com.google.gwt.event.shared.UmbrellaException: Exception caught: fromIndex: 0, toIndex: 512, length: 7
    at BKf.Hhc [as Hg] (cronometer-0.js:2261:26016)
    at BKf.Nhc [as Mg] (cronometer-0.js:2261:26335)
    at BKf.Ghc (cronometer-0.js:1657:62)
    at BKf.gve (cronometer-0.js:1185:23)
    at BKf.zKf (cronometer-0.js:2062:31)
    at new BKf (cronometer-0.js:1070:21)
    at gKf (cronometer-0.js:2110:119)
    at Af (cronometer-0.js:1189:26)
    at FFf (cronometer-0.js:2106:158)
    at Cf (cronometer-0.js:2011:115)
    at txh.Mf [as Hd] (cronometer-0.js:2261:23844)
    at blh (cronometer-0.js:1915:93)
    at HTMLButtonElement.Rmh (cronometer-0.js:1756:46)
    at $tf (cronometer-0.js:1381:30)
    at buf (cronometer-0.js:1691:46)
    at HTMLButtonElement.eval (cronometer-0.js:1737:48)

A screenshot of the input:

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