Importing NCCDB Food to your custom foods to be able to edit.

Is there a way to import a food from the NCCDB, and then edit some of it yourself withing custom foods?

For Example, I am trying to use the statistics of low-sodium cottage cheese. If I scan the barcode, I'm missing out on including all of the vitamins and minerals from the NCCDB version, but I don't want to use that version because the sodium is much higher. I should be able to simply edit the sodium and be done with it, having this version I save to become a new custom food, but this option doesn't seem available to me.
It would be MUCH easier if I could simply input the NCCDB Cottage Cheese into custom foods and be able to edit it there. That way, I could still be accounting for all of the vitamins and minerals and just have to adjust the sodium.

The only way I can accomplish this now is by manually going one by one for each category and copying the NCCDB statistics for cottage cheese. I should be able just to input the NCDDB version and edit the few amounts like sodium to match the low sodium product I'm trying to input.

Hope this makes sense. Please let me know if this is possible, and if it isn't, please add this feature!


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