First Day Here

Thank you for this wonderful form. I have had some problems but not too many and I really love the app.


  • Hello!! I’m new too. I'm trying to learn this new app. :) I've always used MFP but wanted something more in depth with tracking micronutrients. So here I am. ;)

  • I'm new too. I have all of this to learn! I like the concept of accountability. I'm trying not to be overwhelmed by having this type of relationship with food i.e. every item to log and 'under the microscope'. Wish me luck!!

  • Welcome KariKM_147!! 🙂🙃🙃 I totally understand where you’re coming from. My end goal is a healthier me…I just want to feel better. Maybe start logging 1 meal a day for a week. Then week 2, log meal 2 for a week. That way you don’t feel overwhelmed. Favorite things you eat often that way it’s easily accessible. I’ve been copying and pasting my vitamins for the whole week on browser since I haven’t figured out how to copy & paste on the app. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Same thing with my work meals…they’re usually the same so I copy and paste those ahead of time. 💜

  • OMG! You really have to list all your medications and supplements? I don’t think this app has room for all the stuff my husband gives me because he thinks it’s good for old people! I did have to eliminate a lot of the prescription drugs I was on because they probably cause my LC. Also I am 75, and I don’t know what he gives me that helps me stay young looking but it’s working.

  • A commitment of appreciation is all together for the update and quick reply. Bet upon your string. A commitment of appreciation is all together for making it.
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  • edited September 2022

    I feel quite foolish, but I can’t stand the ads and upgrading to Gold only has cancel option with Pay now disabled. Help, please.

    While at it, how do I delete an incorrectly entered item?

  • Ok. Logged off and upgrade worked. Still, cannot remove an item, but it can be set to zero - please advise if there’s a way to remove a diary entry.

  • I only use the browser version, but I just highlight the item in the food diary list with the cursor and then press the delete key.

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