Can biometrics be moved to their own folder instead of being in the breakfast folder?


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    edited October 2022

    I agree! I have made a diary group called "Biometrics" and anything I log manually goes in there just fine, because I can select the group when I enter it. But all of the biometrics added by my Fitbit and Google Fit always end up in "breakfast" and there's no way to change the category. Every day I have to manually drag and drop all of the automated biometrics and exercises into their appropriate groups. The only solution currently available would be to re-name/re-order all of my groups to make biometrics group #1.

    And then I'd have to change all the subsequent categories: Breakfast #2, Lunch #3, and so on. And THEN I'd have to revise the every entry I've ever made in the app for all time.

    It seems like it would be easier to be able to assign a biometrics category to the automated biometrics entries. And an exercise category for the Fitbit steps and exercises, which also end up in breakfast.

    Also I'm a bit of a coder myself and I'm aware that this would be incredibly easy to implement, and seems like just an oversight.

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    Ha! I may have found a partial solution!

    Try going to "settings", "display", "diary settings". Look at the "Imported data group". (!)

    I bet if you set that to your Biometrics group, the automated entries will go in there automatically.

    All that remains is for the programmers to parse the biometrics data separately from the exercise data, so they can go into separate groups automatically.

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