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Hello Beta Testers,

We're excited to announce that in our new beta release, you will be the first to try our new rebranded app and dashboard feature!

We have updated our logo, design and polished some UI elements to improve the user experience, as well as developed a dashboard to display all of your important information & nutritional insights at a glance.

We encourage you to post any feedback and discuss the changes to this discussion. We especially want to know if any of the changes make using the app better or worse than before.

If reporting a bug, please clearly outline what actions you were taking so we can best try to reproduce it!

We're so excited to share the changes we've been working hard on, and look forward to your feedback!



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    You can see a breakdown and explanation of all of the changes here:


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    Congratulations on the rebrand.

    Probably a case of just getting used to it, but there are some things I love and some things I don't.

    One thing that I don't like is the gap between meal groups on the screen - the ivory/off white colour looks odd.

    While I do like that you have taken the apple out of the word "Cronometer", I really loved the red apple icon. It seemed more "friendly". The new orange apple icon feels colder and more corporate.

    I'm not sure how useful the dashboard will be to me, and seems annoying. Is there a way of turning it off.

    Apart from those things, I'm sure that before long, I'm totally used to the new look.


    M : 52 : 5'10" : Keto & IF

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    OK, ive been using the new version for a day now. Everything is working OK. However, as mentioned above, the dashboard is of no interest to me. I turned off everything on it. However, whenever I open Cronometer (on android), the first thing I see is a blank page, and then I have to click to get to the diary. Is there a way to turn the dashboard off? This might mean that the settings icon needs to go somewhere else.

    M : 52 : 5'10" : Keto & IF

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    Thanks for your feedback @Markjowen! At this time there is no way turn off the dashboard. I will pass your concerns about this along to the team!

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    A couple thoughts about the dashboard...when I open the app in the morning, I'd rather see options to add food to the diary, log weight, etc. Also, I don't know if I'm not understanding the Energy History graph, or if there is a bug...the value for Activity for all days is zero. Is this supposed to be the Garmin Activity Level value each day? Thanks!

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    Same kind of thing for me with the dashboard. I actually left MFP years ago because my diary was not the initial thing I open to. I don’t want the blog or new when I open. I was actually reading refit posts recently about why people left MFP and THIS is a huge reason. Cronometer is a serious app and it’s harder to use, but it doesn’t have all the annoying stuff MFP has.

    So seeing progress (or lack of progress) first thing can be kind of demoralizing. I don’t want the dash board to show me chart upon opening. I would prefer going straight to my dairy.

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    Thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback @JMC444, we plan to continue adding to the dashboard in future so it's great to know what our users want to see there.

    The 'Activity' refers to the activity level you have chosen in the settings tab, any imported activity from Garmin will be included in the 'Burned' value of the graph.

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    Thanks for your feedback @efrose I have passed this along to the team!

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    Same kind of feedback here, don't have a use for the Dashboard feed, like it better before having the Diary when opening the app.

    Another thing: The font type and size is the same for the Meal groups and the food we add in them, making it hard to differentiate the Meal group name and the entries in them. I like the spacing and "box" style of the Meal groups though.

    Also, as mentioned in another post of mine, the issue where the expand/collapse does not work as expected. Previously, tapping on the + icon to add food would expand the group automatically, then food is added and tapping on the arrow will collapse the group. Since the issue started, now you have to tap once to actually expand it, then another time to collapse it. Link to the post, still unanswered, opened in August 2021! here:

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    Thanks for your feedback @_mez! We have logged a bug regarding the collapse/expand of the diary groups

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    I also agree that I don't want the app to be the first thing I see. When I open the app I want the diary.

    Also, my app seems to be in dark mode, and I didn't find any settings within the app to turn it off. I don't think the dark mode color scheme is particularly accessible to those with low vision. Teals and grays on dark gray for some things isn't very high contrast. Looking at the pictures of the mobile app on the link you provided (which seem to be light mode) it also looks like contrast has been reduced too for some things, though it is better than in the dark mode. I do like that the grayed-out tabs are now high contrast (as seen on the webpage)- for example in the trends window to switch between Charts and Nutrition. That is much easier to see.


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    Hi @ssbbg, thank you for your feedback! I've added it to my UX feedback collection that will get passed on to the appropriate team.

    In regards to toggling between dark and light mode - if you go to Settings > Display > Theme you should be able to switch between the two! Please let us know if that is not the case and we will log a bug.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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