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I don't know if this is new with the beta, as I've only been on Cronometer a week...but if one is too swift in swiping left, the diary entry is deleted, with no Undo option. It's happened twice so far, and I had to remember my meal so I could re-enter it. I like being able to swipe left to see the option to delete, that I can then select, instead of the item instantly being deleted. Suggestion: when being too zealous swiping left and an entry is quickly deleted, give us an Undo option.


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    Agree, it's too easy to accidentally delete entries! An undo option would be nice.

    I also see another bug related to deletion. When the day is marked complete, it appears you can delete entries by swiping left. But they aren't actually deleted in this case, just switch days and they reappear. It's good that they aren't deleted, but there is no indication the delete failed.

    But the first one, accidentally deleting entries is much worse. The 2nd bug is not so bad, just a little confusing.

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    Just accidentally deleted a Garmin entry that ported over this morning. I really hope they get rid of the ability to swipe left to delete without first requiring a tap to confirm deletion.

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    Thanks for reporting these issues @JMC444 and @yeezus . Swiping left to delete has always been a feature, but you should not be able to delete from a completed day! There should also be a warning before deleting imported entries. I have logged a bug. I've passed on a request for an undo option as well!

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    edited November 2023

    Oct 31, 2023

    I just accidental swiped left on an item and it deleted it.
    There was a popup that said "Undo", but it lasted about a second and before I realized what it was, that option had also disappeared from the screen.
    Very frustrating.

    The Undo option lasted just long enough for me to read it, then POOF, it was gone, forever, with no way to restore it. :'( That's what led me here. I hope if it happens again my finger will be quicker to tap the Undo option.

    The "Undo" option should REMAIN on the screen, and only THEN disappear AFTER it has asked you Yes or No to confirm, and you have selected from the 2 options.

    It happened on my cell phone, sat down w my computer to see if the web site had an answer.

    Please fix this Cronometer !

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    Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the "Undo" banner in our application. We understand your concerns, and we appreciate your input, as it helps us improve the user experience.

    Maintaining the "Undo" banner on the screen until confirmed by the user could indeed address the issue of it disappearing too quickly. However, it may create a new challenge for users who find it gets in the way, especially when deleting multiple items. To maintain a user-friendly experience for all, we have to consider both perspectives.

    As we continue to improve our application, we're actively exploring solutions that aim to strike a balance between these conflicting concerns. We value your feedback and are committed to finding an optimal solution that enhances the user experience without causing new inconveniences.

    Perhaps we could implement a 'trash can' in settings that has all recently deleted items in it. Would you find this helpful?

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    I prefer it to stay as is. I don't want to have to tap again on a yes or no to confirm deletion. Also I agree, with respect to how long that stays on the screen because many times I have to delete a lot of entries and I can't quickly add entries until all these banners go away.

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