Graph (circles)

I posted this in a few other places but it seems to be quiet around here. On the first graph of your diary, it has consumed, burned and remaining. I set myself up for calorie cycling with high, low and moderate days. However, the values on the first graph (circles) is always at my base deficit. Example. My base is 1730 calories, but today is a high day for me with 1900 calories allowed. However, once I start logging, the circle with calories remaining starts counting down from 1730. So by the time I finished eating today, I hit my 1900 calories, but it's saying I'm 130 calories over. This makes zero sense to me lol. I can swipe right to the bar graphs and they are correct, bit they count up so you're doing a bit of math in your head. I can also see some people who are already stressed about nutrition feeling like they've already failed because they hit their calorie total, but the app is telling them they're over. Does anyone else agree?

I am loving it Chrono so far, but the app I was using previous handled this one thing so much better. However, I don't want to be the guy who says, "this app did it this way" lol, but they had three circles, much like us, but they were protein carbs and fat. Each one tracked your total for your budget for the day, and had a small range that you could be within. You could toggle them between your daily total and your daily remaining. If your value for each macro was within the range setup, the circle turned green. Finally, they had a little slider, where you could slightly increase the range for either carbs or fats and it would automatically adjust the other. So if you were slightly over on your carbs one day but low on fats, you could "borrow" some fat calories and raise your carbs so you stayed within range. This setup was SO slick. Unfortunately there were some other issues with the app which made me come over, it handled this really well.

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