One-Time Food Add Option

edited September 2022 in General Discussion


sometimes I eat at a cafeteria and they provide you with kcal/carbs/protein/fat information. I figured there is for sure an option to add a one-time food.

Something like:

Add food => one time food => type on kcal/carbs/protein/fat => add

or (not exclusive)

Add food => one time food => add ingredientst => add

I mean there are so many times where you cook something and just wanna freestyle it or whatever. I never cook by recepie.

Apparently there isn't such a feature? The more I think about it, the more I want it. :(

I literally can't add my food now without spending 10minutes to create a recepie, guessing what ingredients they took and get to the provided information. That's just fk'd.


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