iOS dashboard is pretty useless right now

Hello, I would share some thoughts

Currently dashboard is useless. I think it is intended to be a quick dial and quick glance for the app funcionality.

My most important daily inteactions are:
Check how many calories I still can consume
Register food consumed

I dont want to know the most recent news from cronometer (update weelky, monthly??)
I dont want to know that I have lost 500g in 2 months in all page long chart.
I dont want to know my calorie consumption history when I open the app.

You could just add:
1. Calories e nutritiets to go
2. Add food to the current meal (in the moring add by default to the morning calories, not unspcified)
3. small box with weight evolution

I think that's all. All the unread news can be shbown as a badge in "announcements" button.
I think the dashboard should be completely redesigned


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    Hi @bxts, thanks for your feedback! I've passed your comments along to the team. Our plan is to continue to add to the dashboard, so it's great to know what information you would find valuable.

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