Added Sugar

It'd be nice to have the option to select if it's added sugar when listing an ingredient for a custom food. Particularly when you're doing baked goods - "sugar" should be seen as added; but given honey or agave or other sweeteners can be used, the option to select anything as added sugar would be useful.



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    There is a distinction to be made between custom foods and custom recipes.

    The 'Create Custom Food' option is normally used to add a single food that is not present in our database; For example, this could be a branded product like a store bought candy bar or even something as simple as a head of cauliflower. This item will typically have a nutrition facts table from which you can enter the data into Cronometer.

    Custom recipes are for your own Combinations of foods already entered into the database composed of more than one ingredient, like a stir fry or even simply a bowl of cereal with milk for easy entry into your diary.

    If you enter a food into your recipe that is already marked as containing added sugars then your custom recipe will reflect that.

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