Limited offline mode please, its 2022

As I've been digging through it seems that have been countless requests over the years to have some manner of offline use. Most everyone seems to agree with even a limited option. Something that will allow a user to get into their diary and just add food without having to connect to a data base. Then you could flag those entries for the user to follow up on and select a food database to pull from.

It would be hugely beneficial for anyone that travels or frequents areas of low to no cell service to stay consistent with their logging which from my understanding is part of the company mission to begin with.

Because I am working with a nutritionist, I now have to use MyFitnessPal to track everything so I can continue my progress.


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    This is 100% needed. You should at least be able to view your diary and add in past foods that you've added / used before.

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    I also second this. This is really needed by today of us who don't stay in the cities and don't always have WiFi or phone reception 🙁

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    at least have a note taking option for offline access... this is usually the case when on a plane and wand to jot down what you ate...

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    This is the one missing feature that stops me from using Chronometer. A limited feature that allowed a provisional entry when offline would be perfect. I will continue using MyFitnessPal in the meantime.

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