Would someone please help me to setup Cronometer for weight loss?

I tried setting it up. I got the required calories that I input. However, on Nov. 7/2022, I tested the web version of Cronometer, and everything changed. My calorie budget increased by 200+ When I add food, I get a calorie budget increase. Adding exercise also give a calorie budget increase.
I will be grateful for any help or suggestion on solving this issue.


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    Hi Beauty!

    Welcome, Go over to Settings and then there are tabs. In Profiles and Targets, scroll a bit down and under TDEE there are checkboxes to turn off the variable calories based on whether or not you exercise or how much energy it takes to eat food. I never found that to be helpful either. If you exercise a lot, I mean hours per day, because you're a hired mover so you lift things all day... then you might want to keep the exercise one in there, but if you're just going to the gym for 30 min, don't worry about it, IMO.

    I have all the bad genes for losing weight and in my exoerience I can't lose any weight if I don't keep my calories below 1500 and I can't keep it off the calories ever get above 1600. So basically I don't have much success. I mean, I know how, but that's unrealistic for me. It doesn't matter if I'm cutting carbs, or fat, or doing high protein or all fruit, or DASH or whatever. I hope your body treats you better.

    Love yourself no matter what though! Get all the good nutrients.

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