Adaptive TDEE calculation, Why don't we have it?

I've seen this asked on 2 other posts going back a while with no official answer, what's the deal? Seems like a no brainer to me.

We can have all the fancy integrations with fitness trackers and scales that make assumptions and then add or subtract numbers, but when our macros themselves are a guess, and the calories burned is also a guess, what's the point?

More and more competition has this now, MacroFactor is doing it very successfully, Carbon does it, MM+ has done it for a while, and it's a priceless feature. So much goes into the in/out equation and the gray area is huge, but since most people's goals are either to gain, lose, or maintain, the scale doesn't lie.

I still feel Cronometer is the most feature rich by a lot, but missing that one is a crime. I won't lie, I've been cheating with MF, having the ability to set a weight gain/loss goal and just track and having it auto adjust to keep me on track in real time can no longer be lived without. I workout more and raise TDEE, I get more cals, or maybe an adjustment to the macros otherwise, I start slacking off like around the holidays now, it'll back be off if the scale is showing i'm regressing, it just keeps going and it's almost impossible to screw up. This HAS to be added!

Would love an official word on this.

Assuming you guys are smart enough to have moles using your competitors products, the overwhelming majority of their users coming in daily are MFP people that smartened up, and Cronometer people that came and paid more specifically for the AI TDEE adjustments. It's a pretty regular conversation one that side. Worst part, is all of us agree this is the better overall tracker, but that one issue sells people.


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    Actually we do have this


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    Since when? It will "calculate" TDEE like every macro calc, but it won't watch trends and results and adjust your macros accordingly to keep you on track with your chosen goals to gain/lose/maintain.

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    That's not what adaptive TDEE is, that's a guess that doesn't influence or react to real life changes. Adaptive TDEE figures out your true TDEE based on your progress to your goals based on what you're eating.

    Cronometer as is, will guess my TDEE, which will be terribly wrong for me by almost 2000cals, if I were to trust that it would then assume I'm burning based on a multiplier that I provided, and most people aren't correct with what they chose. It would also subtract/give back cals if chosen, based on more assumptions. If I'm not hitting my goals nothing happens, in an adaptive TDEE model my normal day to day weight fluctions would be watched and trends established, normal flucations start being ignored and overall trends would start dictating whether to add or subtract calories and macros. All based on real life and what's happening on the scale, which ends with you finding your true TDEE and macros that are specific to you, your activity levels.

    Not a guess, not an assumption of what "moderate effort" is on 45min on a treadmill, which would be drastically different for everybody, my true results would be the one driving it, not guesses.

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    What I want is for you to use the daily weight measurements from my connected withings scale and my entered calories to back into an ACTUAL TDEE rather than one based on a BMR guess + random activity adjustment.

    Seems simple enough to calculate a calorie delta from my average that would result in the weight change that you see on the scale.

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    Agreed, please work on this before I decide to switch to MacroFactor

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    That's what I did, it's literally amazing! Both me and the wife dropping like crazy since. It's a shame the devs just ignore this, you know they see it! All these insane tracking options, which are cool, but refuse to add the one thing that actually makes tracking macros work in the first place.

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