[Bug] Energy History chart incorrect

edited January 2023 in Beta Testing

In the "Home" Tab under Dashboard, the Energy History chart is incorrect. From what I can gather, I suspect that there is a time zone issue.

For example, I fasted on 31 December, and only consumed 159 calories. The Energy History chart, however, shows that I consumed 159 calories on 30 December.

Screenshots below (I have a goal deficit of 374kcal, but even accounting for that, the numbers never align accurately).

Another screenshot to show that it's not just an off-by-one error:

Cronometer version 4.0.5 (b1476-AF)

EDIT: As an aside, the numbers appear to be correct in the "Net Calories" graph under the "Charts" tab on the Home screen. However, the line graph cannot be changed to a bar graph, and the zero line is missing, making it less useful as a visualisation tool.

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