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Hi -

I do NOT have ANY vitamins or minerals checked off under Account Settings, but my Nutrient Targets have a target circle for Folate. I just keep hoping it will go away. Is this a bug, or operator error?



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    Hi @jerbir ,
    This is a little confusing. Not necessarily a problem with the software, but not your fault either. It seems likely you have selected folate (Or by default it was there) then with folate visible in the circle, you un-checked the box for folate in your profile tab to make it invisible. By making folate invisible it removed it from the options in the drop down menu by the circles. To fix this, select a different option from the drop down menu at the Folate circle. Refresh the page, then Choose the blank option. Refresh the page again and folate should be gone!

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    Thank you, that worked! Now I don't have to think about how I should be monitoring vitamins and minerals but am not!

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