HELP!!!! I am not losing weight

I am a female and weigh 215. I am 5'6 and cronometer has my daily protein intake set at 75G, with my Carbs being 40G and my Fat at 118. G - is this correct?? I am truly lost and am getting depressed


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    You should probably put this one in the keto group because that seems to be the current fad.

    I lost 140lbs and never had success with keto and was postmenopausal when I did it and it was pretty darned simple losing about 2lbs per week.

    Check out bright line eating. It was the thing that clicked for me. All it costs is a cheap book and a lot of FB groups.

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    @Ridley7838 Don't fret and don't get discouraged. You can do this! Learning what works for you and what your body needs is personal. So don't jump on any diet bandwagon but think sensibly and try to work with what you've got. I'm not even three months in and have changed my macros around a half dozen times. Tweaking them to adjust to what seems to be working and fine tuning it.

    I'm focused on fat loss and muscle gain and I am 42 and male. I started at 277 two and half months ago. What I'm doing is I turned off exercise and set my activity to zero in settings. So I'm only eating what my body needs for basal metabolic functions.. There is some science now saying activity doesn't count calorie in out equations correctly. I've adjusted my macros to be 30% Protein, 25% Carbs, and 45% Fats. I eat three times a day 8am, noon, and 4pm, no snacking and fast averaging 15 hours a night. I focus on low carb, whole foods. My exercise is weekly swimming, 2 to 3x a week basic calisthenics about 30 mins, and 2 to 3 times a week Hatha yoga about 30min. In the two and half months I'm about 26 pounds down with more stamina better, flexibility, improved balance, excellent blood pressure, improved strength and fit into my old jeans comfortably now. I have a long way to go and this is not a diet it is a lifestyle. I'm having fun with all of it.

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    one of the things I like most about Cronometer is the total customization it allows for tracking and calculating calories in vs out.
    I'm a 54 year old male, 6' tall and over 300Lbs. I know from past experience that my metabolism and BMR rate are CONSIDERABLY lower than the standard calculation used by most fitness apps.

    After tracking my 'real' activity for a few months using my fitbit, and monitoring my actual weight gain/loss over time, I've gradually adjusted my BMR setting in cronometer to arrive at a value that seems to be accurate. (1200 kcal) By setting my goal at 2Lbs per week and adjusting my BMR value I now have a reasonable calorie in/out metric in the app. (it pretty much boils down to - get your exercise in every day or you don't eat, LOL)

    if you're not losing weight using the 'standard' settings, try adjusting and customizing your BMR value until it seems to be an accurate representation of your actual burn rate. Setting 'activity' to 0 (zero) and tracking your actual activity with a tracker, like fitbit or garmin, is a great way to improve accuracy as well

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