Quickly add just a calorie count to Diary

Sometimes I don't have the time or energy to create an entire custom food for something I ate. But I would still like to track my calories for the day. Why is there no option to do this? I understand the intention to track detailed nutritional information, but that is often not convenient. I don't want to switch to another app because I like the subscription version of Cronometer, but lately I am not keeping careful track of my calories because I don't have the time to add detailed, custom recipes for every meal :( Please help!


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    edited January 2023

    Yes please. This is what I came here to request. There are many things that I eat one off that don't scan, and I don't want to add each and every item as a custom food. The more tedious the app is, the less likely I am to use it and renew gold. Just a quick add for calories and the 3 macros and I'm good.

    EDIT: I found on reddit that you can do this by searching for "quick add" and there are options for macros and calories.

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