Please remove the "Import Recipe" button from the "Create Recipe" page

[Using the android app, dark mode]

I agree that importing recipes is a valuable function and love that cronometer has this. However, I happen to create new recipes myself most of the time as I prep my meals a few day ahead.

75% of the time whilst creating a new recipe and having added a few ingredients one tends to erroneously click the "Import Recipe" button as it's given way more priority although one is trying to create a recipe. Making this error means that whatever recipe I was making, is cleared upon going back... and one has to start from scratch.

Yes, I know that this is somewhat human error but surely those who specifically click "create a recipe" have no intention to Import anything anyhow?

To me this seems like poor UI...

What do you guys think?

(sorry for the grammar, am in a bit of a rush today)


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