Protein targets impossibly high

Hello! I'm a new, but avid Cronometer-user struggling to meet (eat) the suggested daily amount of protein. I'm 40, weighing about 65 kg (143 pounds), semi-sedentary, and the daily protein intake suggested to me by Cronometer is more than 150 grams (using Macro Ratios).

Websites on the topic usually suggest 0.8 to 1.9 grams per kg of bodyweight (average to athlete). I've found quite a few posts discussing this exact issue (both here and on Reddit), with no real resolution. Maybe this is a bug due to regional settings on my phone? It seems other people with this issue have also not been American, judging by their spelling and other details. 🕵️

Am I wrong? Should I just eat more protein? Or is something amiss here?


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    I had to manually calculate my protein based on my current weight and, as I lose will have to adjust it down. I am going for 1.4 grams/kg for my min protein or 30 grams /meal whichever is more.

    **Something is amiss for the individual amino acids as well. **

    The recommendations for amino acids are by your weight but cronometer uses the default weight of 100kg for the person (In other words all they did was divide the EAR by 10 and convert mg to grams. which means it is at the EAR if you happen to weigh 100kg. So once again, I am having to manually calculate those figures. Frustrating since they actually have you enter your weight into the program and this should be, even with customization, a relatively easy calculation [which I will just do on a spreadsheet using a multipler from the .66 grams/kg/day to 1.4grams/kg/day frustrating indeed.

    This is RDA for the low value of the current RDA at

    19 y and older
    14 mg/kg/day of histidine
    19 mg/kg/day of isoleucine
    42 mg/kg/day of leucine
    38 mg/kg/day of lysine
    19 mg/kg/day of methionine + cysteine
    33 mg/kg/day of phenylalanine + tyrosine
    20 mg/kg/day of threonine
    5 mg/kg/day of tryptophan
    24 mg/kg/day of valine

    FWIW, I am American and it does not even work for me. I have had several functional issues with this program but have not found antyhing better yet. It seems they are far more interested in froo froo features as opposed to accurate core functionality.

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