Display Barcode Number\UPC in Food displays (Desktop Web Browser)

Many foods, even from the same vendor, have very similar or even identical names. They do not always match the exact label (poor curation someplace).

As an example, I use Wegmans Organic Coconut Oil, Refined. UPC 77890 37699. The database (FDC Branded) shows this as Wegmans, Refined Coconut Oil missing the word Organic, and debatably moving the word **Refined **from last to second.

So, two issues:
1. The actual product has Organic as the second word on the label and Refined at the bottom.
2. There are 2 items in the same DB for Wegmans, Refined Coconut Oil with different UPC

This request is intended to better manage the later, specifically for the desktop GUI.

When one looks up a food:

  • Diary => Food => Add Food to Diary => [enter description to search and then select food] => [X] Listed Nutrients
  • Foods => Search Foods => Search Foods and Recipes => [enter description to search and select food] => Choose

On the Search Foods page, top section we see the Favorites Star, followed by the Food's description. Directly below is Food [data from?], Data Source: [DataSource:value]

Please add the UPC number to the right (or Left) of this content. In general, the displayed content does not, with the user available package information, help the user to verify that the item being selected is the desired item.

More importantly, for the first search path above, as I suspect most searches start from here, please add the barcode data to the nutritional content panel (e.g. below [X] Listed Nutrients).

Again, I refer to the above example where there are 2 items with the EXACT same description, and no clear way to differentiate. The later suggestion would be the most expedient process to differentiate items.

Related, as I eventually found the bar code in the option: Display for Printing, so this data is already available, this should be a trivial enhancement (former developer speaking).

Also related, enhancing the Food and DataSource content with links, opening in new pages, to the supporting content would be a nice improvement IMHO.

So, after writing this request, which I still think is appropriate, I discovered that one can use the barcode value to Search all foods and recipes.

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