Community Login not working from saved links

I think this started around the time of the new GUI, but not sure.

If one opens a web browser and logins into the Diary, and then in the same bowsers goes to https://forums.cronometer.com/ the user will find that they are not, and can not, sign in.

To replicate (tested in Edge Chromium and FireFox, both latest)
1. Open a new browser session.
2. Go to https://forums.cronometer.com/
3. Sign in to the "Forum"
4. Signing in redirects the user to the Diary (not Forum).
5. Opening a second saved link to the forum will still indicates the user needs to sign in.

One must go to the Diary => Help => Community to access the Forums. after doing so the saved link will open a new forum pae\tab.

This is not functioning as expected.

  • I expect that I can login to the forum directly without being redirected to the application.
  • I expect that if I am already logged in to the application, that a saved shortcut should open the forum section (based on Help link apparent design with no secondary login required).

This process is frustrating and time consuming


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