Instead of "Omega-3"s open up a tree that shows what kind of Omega 3 is consumed

particularly ALA and LA
but also DHA/EPA (for nerds u can add the others too if u want...lol)

and for an extra star: estimate how much of the ALA would be converted to DHA/EPA and add it to the dha/epa numbers (probably more of a gold member feature)


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    LA is obviously an omega 6* :p
    the tree branching out thingy obviously (should) apply to all sorts of omegas

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    I completely agree about having the EPA and DHA counted separately, and I'd add Vitamin K2 as well, since vitamin K shows always as more than 400% with a little portion of vegetables but in reality it's all K1.

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    The values for the specific omega fatty acids are generally not available from our data sources, therefore we would not be able to provide accurate tracking.

    Same goes for Vitamin K2, there is not a ton of data out there on how much most foods contain. Once the data does become available, it would be great to add these breakdowns to our software!


    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    But there are a lot of already available fields that are left blank in almost all foods, like chromium, fluoride, iodine, vitamin A and E sub components and a few others. If those can be left blank in cronometer's database but still be available for user's custom foods, why couldn't omega 3 and vitamin K sub components be as well?

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    Even if the databases don't contain it, HAVING it displayed is still useful - databases generally don't contain iodine either, so I just have my own edited version of each food that has it in decent quantities, like eggs and milk, and my iodine salt.

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