Display for print is woefully broken

I love cronometer and it is helping me tackle some major health issues (cholesterol and diabetes). The best part is the custom recipe maker. It's easy to use and incorporate into the diary.

The PROBLEM is printing the recipe for blog / journal use OR even for paper display.

Here is a print to pdf of a recipe entered into cronometer.


Major problems:

The "Category & Tags" shows as a drop down. AND shows all tags. Not the tags for the recipe. What? I keep trying to tap on the paper thinking I'll have choices.

The "Notes" are text only. That's ok. I'll do the formatting in the blog. In the actual recipe, I've got carriage returns to separate paragraphs and dashes to offset list items. They got obliterated in this display for print.

The ingredients table is ok.

Where are the macro nutrient graphics for the recipe? I have all graphics and background graphics turned on for the print. Not being shown. This is almost the cool part of cronometer! SHOW IT.

While I'm at it, the site nutritiondata.self.com (currently not working as of a day ago) nailed it when it comes to the best way to represent data in graphic form. Here's the info page on these graphics...


Please FIX "Display to print" for recipes. Imagine you are generating a REAL recipe print out but with all the great data that you have!

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