Smarter autofill for frequently entered foods

Title says it all. I wish the app were a little more proactive at auto-filling things I enter all the time. Sometimes it's very smart about popping the right entry to the top but sometimes I have to type in almost the whole food entry name before it realizes I want the same one I had yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that...


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    Yes! I have a certain food which I use very frequently, but which doesn't appear until I've typed quite a lot of the name. I know I can save it as a favourite (and have done), but it would be nice if I didn't always have to switch backwards and forwards between the different "tabs" to add items like this more quickly. Fewer "clicks" is always best!

    Also, very common items like carrots have this issue, every time I type carrots I get a massive list of "Carr's crackers" first and have to scroll down or type almost the whole word. I have never in my life added a Carr's cracker, and use carrots all the time, so it would be great if the app was just a *little* bit more "intelligent" in popping the most commonly used items to the top.

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