Blue Apron compatability

So we are a fan of the meal kits. Other calorie counting services have Blue Apron meals in their database. It would be great if Cronometer could form a relationship with them so I don't have to manually enter a new food every day.


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    @queenofgeek that's a great idea! Thanks! You can also enter the nutrition facts from the recipe into a custom food and submit it for review to the database. Once you have created it as a custom food, you can share this (if you are a gold user) to your friends and family who are eating the same meals, so they can easily enter the nutrition data in as well!

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    Thank you. I have been entering the info. Unfortunately most meals are only eaten once so it is a never ending thing. Also, I'm sure custom foods aren't reviewed immediately so my family wouldn't be able to use my custom food if they want to track their day's food on the same day that they eat it.

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    I would like to see this as well!

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    I would also like to see this. I joined Gold with the impression that Cronometer would be able to read my Blue Apron meals directly from Apple Health. This is not syncing for me. Is it possible to get an update on when this is to be implemented?

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