Request to add extra timestamp for the beginning and end of eating for disabled accessibility

So I love the time stamp so you know when you ate something, but I am disabled and use a feeding tube. Tube feeds take multiple hours, and I want to track my nutrition but it only allows me to add the beginning time. That's a struggle for me since I run feeds overnight and I get unsure of how I should organize it. I'm trying to just add notes as kinda a slight fix, but it would be extremely helpful having a start and end time for.

In a perfect world I would love the app to incorporate a section for tube feeding where you can add the start and end times, the rate (the speed) of the feed, and since you entered how much formula you are having + the rate + the start and end time of the feed, the calories can be split correctly into each day if the feed started at night and ends in the morning. I know that's probably a lot to create, but it would be so helpful to me and many other people with feeding tubes tracking their nutrition with this app. I got the pro version so I can track as much as possible, and if this ever became a feature I would never stop using this app.

I don’t know who I should email or something to share this idea and ask if it could be created, and I see a lot of posts on this forum are old, so if anyone has advice on how to get my request seen by the right person I am very grateful for any responses and help to get this noticed


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    I thought about it some more, and to make this you may not even need to enter the rate on your pump in the app (although it's handy to have it so you remember) you probably just need how many mL is the amount of formula and the start & end time of your feed. I'm hoping this becomes a reality it sounds so helpful for me

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