Valentine's Day message

I opened the notifications section this morning to find this: "Happy Valentine's Day, (my full name)! We’re not shy to admit – we LOVE you. If you love us as much as we do you, here are a few simple ways you can spread the #CronoLove."

This was followed by a link, which I have not used (so as not to encourage this rudeness), to "spread the love".

Does anyone else find this intrusive? Too forward? A bit insulting? Not true?

I do not know these people, nor they me. They can't possibly be thinking that they "love" me after all the negative feedback I gave them about the new roll-out (many issues with which they have not fixed). Perhaps they are all very young, and don't know any of the older definitions of the word "love"?

This was most unwelcome. A friend said it was probably just an advertising gimmick, and maybe it is, but it was still unwelcome. I wish there was a way to stop receiving in-app notifications.


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    I can understand why you might find this message from Cronometer to be intrusive or unwanted. It's possible that the company is using this message as a marketing tactic to try to engage with users and encourage them to share their love for the app on social media. However, it's also possible that they genuinely appreciate their users and want to express that sentiment.

    If you would like to stop receiving in-app notifications from Cronometer, you can go into the app settings and turn off push notifications. This should prevent you from receiving any future messages from the company.

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