Rolling average weight graphs (a la Hacker's Diet / TrendWeight)

First: I love everything about Cronometer. For real. It's an incredible app and I think the whole CM team has done amazing work.

However, the weight charts (both in Trends and in the sidebar in the Diary) just display data points with a best-fit line. The Diary in particular also shows your weight delta as the raw difference between the oldest and newest measurements in that time frame.

It seems way more in line with CM's precision and data-focused approach to instead use rolling averages to get a more accurate picture of weight trends and to ignore the day-to-day noise of weight fluctuations. (More details here, from the Hacker's Diet: https://www.fourmilab.ch/hackdiet/e4/.)

I'm currently supplementing CM with TrendWeight, which is an automagic weight trend tracker: https://trendweight.com I would love to literally just embed TW's graph into CM or have the same functionality built-in.


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    This would be sweet, but I just use Happy Scale and Trendweight. I’d rather them focus resources on different macro targets for different days or better searching as you type

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    For years I have had columns in the google spreadsheet I track health stuff on for:

    • Weight - 5 Day Rolling Avg
    • Calories - 5 Day Rolling Avg

    Useful information in addition to actual daily data but just a source of confusion without it. Nice because it's quick, easy, and free but not a big deal in my humble opinion.

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    Agree completely with hazelnut I came on here to see if there is a way to integrate trendweight. It’s lite, simple and would be a great addition to the Cronometer dashboard


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