Feature Request - Search Previous Diaries


I've been a user for about a year now and firstly wanted to thank you for making a great app. I do have one suggestion: being able to search diary logs in the past for specific foods.

For example, lets say today (3/19/23) I wanted to mimic a recipe I made in the past but did not make a custom recipe for it, I cannot go back easily to find the specific diary logs for that meal in the past unless I remember the date I logged it. If there was a way to search all previous diary logs by specific food, and it could let you travel to that day in your diary to see the recipe, that would be a great addition.


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    Yes, I too would like to search for occurrences for a food in the Diary! I would use this frequently.

    I think the code already exists, at least for Recipes, as when I mod a recipe I get asked if I want to update the prior occurrences in the Diary.

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