"Metered" recipes for bulk prep

edited March 2023 in Feature Requests

I have a feature request that would be useful for a lot of people i think -

I tend to cook food in batches 2-3 times a week. I create a recipe with the ingredients weighed out after cooking, then eat it over a few days. I want to be able to "meter" the recipe so that it starts at 100%, then I can mark eating certain %s of it each time its logged. So if I have eaten 70% of it already, then I finish it, cronometer can automatically figure out 30% was eaten in the last time.

The main benefit is actually to balance out the amounts eaten so they add up. Right now i eyeball how much I ate each time. Then I manually have to go through my diary and see if the amounts add up or I over/underestimated. With %s we could be sure that the total amount is correct - the exact amounts on each day don't matter so much anyways in most cases. Right now this is too cumbersome to do, and there is no way to search the diary to make it easier.

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