Aditional BMR Calculation

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I searched for this topic but found nothing about my formula i'd love to see in cronometer. So I think this post is not already in discussion.

TOPIC: Add "Cunningham" Formula to calculate BMR

The in Cronometer used Mifflin St. Jeor Equation does not include body fat in its calculation - the Cunningham Formula does! (For me, that differs about 200 kcal)

I track my calories with my apple watch as also with a TANITA scale, which both gives me about 1950 kcal BMR. The Mifflin Method calculates 1750 kcal, the Cunningham Formula 1950.

For Sure, the Cunningham formula should only be available if I insert the body fat percentage into cronometer. If not, maybe Mifflin is a better choice.

So id would be nice to have the Cunningham formula for automatic calculation of the BMR. Till then I use custom kcal for BMR. That's ok, but not perfect as weight and body fat changes throughout the year.


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