Copy missing nutrient data from another version of essentially the same food

Sometimes when a food is missing nutrient data, you can find data for those missing items in another version of what is essentially the same food. For example, a can of anchovies might be missing vitamin K data in CRDB, while NCCDB has vitamin K data for the generic food "Anchovy, Cooked". I know I can create a copy of the food and edit it in order to manually fill in the missing nutrient data from the NCCDB food. It would be great if there were a feature that allows you to copy all the missing nutrient data from a specified food. It would work something like this: (1) you select a food with missing nutrient data, (2) you edit a copy, (3) in the copy, you press a button labeled "copy missing nutrient data" (4) an interface appears allowing you to search for a food to use as the source, (5) when you select that food, it copies the missing nutrient data. The data for the source food may not be completely accurate for the destination food. It would be up to the user to judge whether it makes sense to copy it.

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