Allow export of diary page, and bookmarks

  1. Recently I used Cronometer to help an elderly relative analyze her daily nutrient intake. I had to use my computer, and thus had to use my Cronometer account. I found no way to save the page, with its nutritional details, to print out and hand to her for reference.

  2. When I had my physical this year, I showed Cronometer to my doctor, who was really impressed! (Well done you!) But there was nothing I could give her for reference, or even refer to at a later date for comparison other than going through the diary itself.

Being able to export a diary page entry, with its nutritional details, as a PDF would be terrific.

While we're at it, how about adding a Bookmark function? If I had a noteworthy diary day, it would be swell to bookmark it for future reference.

Thank you for such a terrific program!

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