More Meals per Day


I use cronometer to track my meals, supplements, nutrition around my workouts including intra and snacks. I run out of meals to distinguish between my snacks fairly often. Would be great to have a way to have more meals so that I can more accurately talk what I ate and when.


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    edited April 2023

    You can already do this. Just discovered it myself the other day :)

    In the app:

    1. Bottom right corner, click "Settings"
    2. Select "Display"
    3. Select "Diary Settings"
    4. Select "Diary Groups"
    5. In the "Diary Groups" section it allows you to add a total of 8 sections and name them whatever you want.

    On the desktop:

    1. Expand the menu on the left side and select "Settings"
    2. Select "Display"
    3. Scroll down to "Diary Groups" section which contains "Diary Group Names" and add them there.
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