Error in measurements for coriander leaf (cilantro)

I'm not sure where else to submit this, but figured it could count as a bug report! I'm also guessing it's really an issue with the data source (NCCDB) rather than Cronometer itself, but again I'm not sure where I would submit that information.

For the whole time I've been using Cronometer I've been annoyed by the fact that the weight measurement for 1 cup of chopped coriander (cilantro for Americans!) is clearly completely wrong. It seems to in fact be the weight of 1 very loosely packed cup of unchopped coriander, which is obviously dramatically different.

Simply deleting the word "chopped" from that particular measurement would fix this problem instantly, although of course it would also be nice if a new measurement was added for the correct weight of 1 cup chopped coriander.

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