Easier way to report inaccuracies/duplicates in the foods

Would be nice if their was an easier way to report food issues on desktop. As per this thread here: https://forums.cronometer.com/discussion/2842/dont-rely-on-nutritional-info-from-crdb, it looks like the only way to report an issue with a food on desktop is to first add it to your diary.

It would be nice to not have to add it to the diary to help out by reporting the issue. It would also be nice to be able to bulk report as I am coming across more frequently duplicates with differing amounts and it is quite frustrating. (I suspect shrinkflation and companies changing up recipes may be some factors impacting this. Another would be the country that inputs it.)

At the very least, when people input new products, it would be nice if we knew the country (and can filter out other countries when there are duplicates and they differ) or have some indicator of which of the duplicates is the most current....though it would be super awesome if we could just bulk flag these issues.

Further to add... even on mobile, it is asking me to add photos to submit a report... i don't necessarily have photos.. I was depending on cronometer's food database here as I used to believe it to be fairly accurate..but now it has so many duplicates of the same thing giving different amounts. It is moving into myfitnesspal territory with is bad.

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