How should I enter my walk/run?

As a form of HIIT, I alternate walking and running, and it feels like a hard workout to me. Cronometer gives a wide range of calories burned depending on how I enter it.
If I enter 30 minutes of hard HIIT, it records 229 calories burned.
If I enter 30 minutes of moderate road running, it records 163 calories burned.
If I enter 30 minutes of very hard general walking, it records 294 calories burned.
And that's not even exploring all the other categories of running and walking available.
Can anyone give me some advice for how to decide on the best entry? How can any exertion level of walking exceed the calories burned for running?

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    My recommendation would be to choose the pre-programmed "HIIT" exercise and select Moderate, which won't be 100% accurate to what you're doing. If you want to get more precise calorie burning metrics, I'd recommend getting a Fitbit or some sort of smartwatch that can record your workout. Then you can either connect the smartwatch app to Cronometer or manually enter a custom exercise.

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