Would a line for Combined Vitamin A make sense?

I'm extremely confused about how cronometer presents vitamin A. I feel like the main vitamin A listing might be combined estimation but it's difficult to say. (I had to turn it on today and didn't notice when it disappeared, which apparently happened to a lot of people last summer.)

I'm also experiencing being extra low on vitamin A. All my entries for years. Specifically cayenne pepper. I used to use that to fill out my beta carotene needs but now for the last several years it shows I never got 100%, even though I know I made sure to get enough entirely through diet.

Could y'all check your calculations again, make the labelling clearer and then let us know whats up in your new (handy) announcements section?

I know vitamin A is a particularly difficult vitamin to design an app around so I just want clarification.

Thanks bunches!

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