I Only Want To Count Saturated Fats...

I sent a longwinded message to support (who was very nice) and they answered all my questions but this one lol.

I don't want to count good fats like brazil nuts, avocados, etc (mono fats). I only want to count Saturated Fats and Trans, altho these days not a lot of stuff has trans because it's not in a lot of things.

I have gone to:
Profile + Targets
Nutrient Targets

And then I went to Saturated in the list, added 46g to the custom option for my max per day, in custom and visible I checked both boxes.

I assumed this was the way to do it but alas my good fats are still showing up in my diary for the day. When I go to "Macronutrient Targets" on my daily diary it says: 55g out of 46 g (for today) and when I mouseover it it shows:

Now Real Food, Brazil Nuts, Unsalted
9.6 grams

Saturated fats in those are 3 grams, 0 trans and the rest are mono.

I guess I am doing something wrong. LOL please help!

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