How can I add my supplements to New Foods?

Hello, As I make use of chronometer, I have taken notice of some of my nutritional deficits. Since I do take a couple of supplements I wanted to be able to add them into the database, add them to my Food Diary, and so have it reflected on my nutritional goals meters. I tried to add my supplements to New Foods, but there doesn't seem to be a way for it to reflect the nutritional information. Is there any what to do this? Has anyone been able to do this? I'd appreciate your sharing the steps. Thanks


  • If you have added the supplement as a custom food (set as Supplements under Category & Tags) and logged in a diary entry and it still doesn't seem to be reflecting in your nutritional calculation, you may have the setting turned off.

    Under the "Trends" > "Nutrition Report" tab there's a "Include Supplements" tickbox near top right.

    Otherwise, maybe check if you have done the "serving size" correctly?

  • May be related to if you're a gold member or not. It seems I couldn't add recipes or foods until I became gold. :)

  • I had the ability to add new foods and recipes before I switched to a gold membership, but maybe things have changed since then!

  • Creating custom foods and recipes are available to free accounts under the Foods tab on the web and under the My Foods tab on the mobile app. Here are a few videos on how to create custom foods on web and mobile. A Custom Food (not a custom recipe) is usually better for creating your own supplements.

    Custom Foods on the Web:

    Custom Foods on Mobile:

    Spencer D.
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  • @RSFast

    I would recommend that you categorize it as a supplement when creating a new food, that way on the trends page reports you can include or not include supplements and see how you are doing with food and food + supplements.

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  • Thank you for your replies. What I didn't realize is that within the nutrient listing page you can click on or near the the measurement unit and enter a number to reflect the amount of the nutrient. Since I figured that out I have been able to create and save my supplements. When something is "clickable" I am used to seeing a difference in the color of text, or the area of entry looks like a window. This is not the case with the nutrient window, it looks like everything is rather grayed. Still, just try clicking near the unit of measure and you may find you can enter text.

    Thanks everyone. :-)

  • So if I have 20 different supplements is there a way to create them all as a new food and yet have the ability to select that new food each day. Instead of selecting the individual supplements each day?

  • Hi @Eric , You can create a "Recipe" with all of your supplements! On your web Browser, select the "Foods" Tab, then select "Create New Recipe" and enter all your supplements into one recipe.

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  • Thank-you Hilary, I'm figuring it out :)

  • @Hilary

    Creating a recipe is a great idea, Hilary!

    Another problem is that some, if not many , of the most common supplement are not recognized by Cronometer; example, CoQ10, plant sterols/sterolins, vitamin K 2

    Keep up the good works

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    Hi @mike , As we don't have good data for these values in whole foods, we are not currently tracking them, although this might be something to look at for the future! We do however track Vitamin K (Although not Vitamin K2 Separately). It might not be visible to you, so go to your Profile page to the Nutritional Targets Section, and check the box under "Visible" for Vitamin K (And any other Nutrients you wish to see that you don't already).

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