Duplicated Entries via Polar (w/Dif Calories)

Ever since I connected Polar Flow to track workout calories, two sets of data entries are entered into Cronometer -- e.g. one at 657cal and another world be much lower like 112cal.

The time and duration is correct/same for both and only the higher caloric entry aligns with Polar Flow's data.

Could this be a bug or a set up issue?



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    I have been having a problem lately where the workout shows properly, for example

    Trail Running (polar) Showing the minutes and then the calories.

    However, the Daily Activity (polar) is also inflated in the calorie field. Unsure if it's the same amount as the running activity or not. It seems that waiting for awhile and checking back it eventually self corrects. Sometimes I try to re-sync the polar watch with the polar flow app and that will often correct the numbers. Unsure if this is on the polar end or with cronometer at this point. Started roughly 2 to 3 weeks ago.

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