Would walking three miles an hour be considered hard or moderate level for general walking?

I've been a bit confused about how to log my walks. I feel like I get a good workout and sweat a bit while walking three miles an hour but am unsure that I am really burning as many calories as it says for hard level, so I've been logging it as moderate to be safe. But I'm just curious would walking at this pace be considered hard?


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    First off, idk you, your current fitness level, or your potential. It may be a “hard” effort for you.
    I always manually input the calories from whatever fitness tracker I am using. And then manually enter my effort level. Thereby basically using the effort level as more of a diary entry. Sweating is a pretty lousy measurement of effort. Just too many variables that influence it.
    I know what it feels like when I go to failure. Real failure. Like when my HR is maxed. I’m sucking air like I was underwater for 2 minutes and I generally hate life. For me that is a “very hard” effort. Knowing that allows me to be honest with myself when it comes to easier workouts.

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