So should I get more aggressive in calorie counting.

My BMI calc is 2900 based on height/weight. I have been counting for 3 weeks and keeping consumption to 2000. But I'm not seeing results. What should my target be?


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    Everybody's metabolism is different. Those estimations are a good place to start, but if you're wanting to see weight loss, you might want to try backing down by 100 calories at at time until you find the tipping point.

    Quality of nutrition is really important, though - maybe even more than calorie consumption. For example, I track my salt & sugar (as well as other micronutrients) and find that when I stick to my limits/goals there, I naturally consume fewer calories. At first, I lost a bunch of weight, but now my body's found equilibrium. If I want to keep loosing, despite the calorie recommendation from Chronometer, I have to adjust my calorie target. Still, at the end of the day, the size my body wants to be vs. the size my brain wants it to be seem to be two very different things. 😂

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    Thank you...that's very helpful

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