Binge Eater day 2

Tuesday, May 7th:
Monday was a success! I did HIIT on the elliptical machine for about 25 minutes and added in some burpees, knee push-ups, and crunches. I didn't eat til about lunchtime, not starving myself just trying to listen to my hunger cues. When I followed the carnivore diet, I only ate two meals a day and did not snack. The snacking now is a little hard to manage but I am trying to ensure that I am eating enough per meal to avoid snacking. That's the trick for me. If I eat till I'm almost stuffed, which is usually about 700-800 calories per meal, then I don't have the urge to snack. Most of my plate is animal protein, animal fat, and vegetables with a single serving of pistachio nuts and a single serving of keto granola. Currently, I am tracking my food on the app to make sure I don't under eat. Not focusing on calorie restrict, instead I am making sure I am eating enough to keep me full and to restrict my lizard brain from taking over.

Keep it simple
Keep it basic
Keep it easy to manage
Go outside for a walk after work

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